Shape World the Movie is a movie based on Shape World.

Plots Edit

Part 1: The Meeting Edit

Square asks questions to Parallelogram about if the plane is in Orlando.

Part 2: A White Lie and a Car Edit

Hendecagon farts and then Nonagon asks a question about who farted. Then Hendecagon answered Nonagon and he said his stomach was hurting and Pentagon told him why. Then Rhombus asks Parallelogram about the Nissan car he's renting for the vacation.

Part 3: Decagon plays Fegaman vs. the World Edit

Parallelogram reveals the votes for his Nissan car. Then, Decagon plays Fegaman vs. the World and Dodecagon asks how is he doing.

Part 4: Entertainment of Magic Edit

Parallelogram announces that it's bed, but Nonagon didn't want to go to bed or rest, then later, he got tired and went to bed. Then Dodecagon made an entertainment park by pointing and then the entertainment park appear and then he claims that it worked.

Part 5: Alerted About Chaos Edit

Parallelogram hears classic 1970/80/90's cartoon alarm sounds and then he hears a 1970/80/90's cartoon telephone ringing and then asks why the telephone is ringing and Tridecahedron then tells Parallelogram to wake up 12 times and Parallelogram say why is Tridecahedron telling him to wake up 12 times and then Tridecahedron calls Parallelogram a waity quadrilateral and he explains that he is a quadrilateral and Tridecahedron is recommended character. Then, Decagon meets Hexagram and he claims that he grounded Hexagon and bought her The Demotivator-CD for bullying Oval but Hexagram says that Hexagon is going to cause chaos on the trip and Decagon and Oval wonders if it was even true or not. Four minutes later, Square told Oval and Decagon to just watch the news so they know about what Hexagon did. After the news, Nonagon said to himself he knew Hexagon would be causing chaos on the trip. Rectangle wondered what happened to the interview and Square explains that Hexagram did his interview and says Rectangle wasn't paying attention.

Part 6: Hexagon's Revenge Edit

Hexagon makes a plan to destroy everyone in Shape World, then tests the hypothesis and she said it works out okay. Hexagon walks because to kill everyone in Shape World but stops walking because of awesome music. Hexagon came back and she was tired of walking, Gum found out she was lying to him. Everyone found out Hexagon turned good.

More plots to come!